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Adobe Air HTML Tutorial


Flash and Air and TutorialToday I have decided to start with a simple tutorial that quickly shows what Adobe Air can do. So for this tutorial we will create a simple web browser. To do this you need Adobe Flash CS4 and Adobe AIR 1.5 .  Adobe AIR uses Webkit to render the HTML content, the same engine that powers Safari.

Let’s get started by creating a new flash file and adding the following code:

Create a new HTML loader variable
var htmlL:HTMLLoader=new HTMLLoader();
set the dimensions of your html content to the
dimensions of the stage

add the html to the stage
this next line disables cache for your browser
if you set it to true when you revisit a web page
it will take some components of that web site from
the cache saved on your computer

this loads the desired web page
htmlL.load(new URLRequest("http://tripmedia.ro"));

Now test your file and you will see the web page. This is just an example to show what Adobe Air can do, the browser is not completly functional because the user can not input the adress and there is no UI(user interface) . But this is something that everybody can experiment with and let their imagination loose.

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  1. Satheeskannan says:

    hi It is Giving Blank Page

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