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Semi-realistic hair in Photoshop


Here are some tips of how to paint semi-realistic hair.

What you need: Adobe Photoshop, a Graphic tablet with pen pressure and 15 minutes of your time.

Level of difficulty: intermediate.

1. Prepare your drawing. That means you must draw the basic shapes/outlines and some basic colors.

2. Pick your main hair colors

2. Set your brush. In the Brush Window deactivate Shape Dynamics and Activate the Pen Pressure at Other Dynamics.

3. Make the outline of the hair. Keep in eye the direction of the hair strands.

4. Fill the outline with one color – no details needed.

5. Aply shadows and light. Think of it as a whole volume, don`t mind each hair spring.

6. Now activate Shape Dynamics and set Pen Pressure at size Jitter.

7. Make some bulk dark strokes. They must start in the darker area and wear off in the highlighted zone.

8. Apply the highlights.

9. ..and the reflected light ones.

10.For the underwater hair make the color blend with the color of water.

11.Eyes up here, Frodo! When the hair meets the water draw a white stroke.

12.Add reflections of the background/white highlights in small strokes.

13.Work on the details. Add small strokes of light where they are needed. Try to create contrast.

14.For more contrast put small dark strokes. Add shadow where shadow is needed.

15. Now it`s time to Work on the smaller details like the hair strands that flow free from the head. Make them wear off at their tips.

16. Sike! she`s dressed! Colour the character and make later edits to reflect color and fit in the whole. Use the Unshaped Mask filter to make the image look more clear. Ajust Color balance and so on. (we`ll talk about that in another tutorial)


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